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Your squadron's flight schedule generated by Artificial Intelligence.


The flight schedule and duty schedule of your squadron is generated with the use of artificial intelligence, taking into account all the technical criteria to allocate the personel and aircrafts.

Users have access to a personal dashboard, containing flight schedules, duties, unavailabilities, and much more.

Upgrade the features you have built in Excel by using a software specially designed for this. With the click of a button, the system generates the flight schedule for you.


Manage your squadron's flight schedules and duty schedules.
Manage personel unavailabilities
Manage flight counters
Automatically generate flight schedules based on artificial intelligence
Manually edit or create new flight schedules
Automatically generate duty schedules.
Manage aircraft unavailabilities
Manage pilot's instruction plans.
Developer : Jean Knapp
Initial Release : 05/04/2022
Project Type : Web Service
Written in : phpmysqlhtml5css3js
Operating System : windowsandroidioslinux