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A Geographic Information Software for air force flight planning and flight analysis.


Plan and debrief air force missions using advanced rendering technology and artificial inteligence. Coordinate strikes, allocate your air defense and evaluate your operations using modern solutions.


Satellite imagery.
3D terrain.
Force estimation of weapon systems against surface targets.
3D flight data playback.
Flight video recordings playback.
Scenery objects placement.
Unit converters.
Lethality calculators.
Dynamic sun and moon position based on selected date and time of day.
Multi-window support.
A-29, A-1 and A-4 mission planning.
Dynamic briefings.
NATO units symbology.
Aircraft route planning.
Employed weapons' simulation.
Distance, direction and area measurements.
Developer : Jean Knapp
Initial Release : 20/03/2022
Project Type : Software
Written in : csharpjs
Operating System : windows